Technology Hiring Hurdles

Technology Hiring Hurdles

Technology Hiring Hurdles

Hiring and recruiting technology talent has become incredibly difficult in recent years. No longer are candidates selected purely on the basis of their resumes. You’re no longer restricted to specific locations when looking for talent and so many other changes have come into the tech recruitment landscape.

Currently, the unemployment rate for tech workers is only 3%, which is great for the suppliers and candidates. But it means that the demand is higher than the supply and recruiters have to fill more job slots than the availability. Furthermore, due to the high demand, talented IT candidates can move to any organization they want and this drastically affects the company’s retention rate as well.

In this article, we discuss the challenges posed by this candidate’s market and how you can overcome them.

Candidates are Geographically Distant

When it comes to finding technology talent, you can’t be restricted by your geographical location. With the emergence of remote working trends, your company has to adapt and start looking for talents and candidates on a global scale.

Due to the limited supply and high degree of specification you may need, it may be almost impossible to find the right candidate in your locality. You have to cast a wide net and recruit technology specialists from across the globe.

In order to effectively do this, you have to adapt to the remote working ethos. You have to change everything from your interview process to your basic company culture. Your company needs to become more receptive to remote workers so you can make your tech talent feel like an integrated part of the team while still be hundreds or thousands of miles away.

This can be done in a number of different ways. You can make sure that your remote workers are included in all company-wide emails, they should be present for meetings via Skype or other such platforms, and you need to thoroughly discuss company goals and objectives with them. Doing this will help you find and then retain the right tech candidates.

Big Salaries and Bigger Benefits

This problem arises from the simple fact that the demand exceeds supply. As such, tech service suppliers — the candidates — can demand higher salaries. Furthermore, even though most tech candidates claim that their primary concern is the salary, they are also guided by various factors beyond the base salary. Candidates also consider factors like the additional benefits offered by the company, the work environment, the level of flexibility offered by the job, whether there’s scope for remote working, and potential creative outlets in the organization.

As such, organizations need to increase their appeal not just by offering higher salaries but also focusing on holistic company-wide growth. Your organization needs to be more conducive to flexible work hours, give your tech talents the opportunity to work from home on select dates, and foster a more collaborative and engaged culture at the office. All of these factors won’t just help you hire desirable tech candidates but also retain them even when they’re faced with bigger salary offers.

Gauging Cultural Fit

Organizations and recruiters don’t place much value on paper resumes these days. That’s because a resumeé is simply a dry list of educational qualifications and past employment details. In the modern age, candidates have to be a lot more than just their set of skills and knowledge — they need to work well with your company’s existing culture. As such, while hiring technology candidates, you have to also analyze their personality to determine whether they’re the right fit for your organization’s work ethos.

Candidates Balancing Multiple Job Offers

In the previous generations, candidates didn’t juggle multiple offers. They were more likely to focus on the job offer ahead of them. However, millennials view job searches in a completely different light and are far more likely to court various different organizations and chase multiple leads. As such, even if it may seem like you’re the one interviewing the technology candidate, it’s just as likely that they’re also interviewing you. This is especially true for the really valuable candidates who seem to bring a lot to the table.

If you want to bag those valuable and worthy clients who are courting several job offers, then you need to really amp up your interview style. Research indicates that the quality of the interview is usually what allows candidates to decide exactly which organization they’d like to associate with. As such, you can turn the interview process into a dialogue to also understand what your candidate is looking for from the employment — this can make them feel valued and heard, which, in turn, can move the tides in your favor.

Time Constraint

Generally speaking, the more time you invest in the interview process, the better the quality of candidate that you’ll receive. Taking your time with the interview and recruitment process allows you to examine a wide range of candidates and select them carefully.

However, organizations don’t have unlimited time on their hands. Furthermore, if you keep the position open for too long, you may be losing a lot more money in terms of opportunity costs. You have to dedicate your internal team to handle the tasks that would be handled by the hired candidate, which means they have to take time off their own work. You also have to devote time and resources to the recruitment and interview process. That also turns out to be a massive drain on your resources. As such, the longer you keep a position open, the more money your company loses.

Basically, you have to manage a delicate balancing act — spend enough time to find a good candidate but not so much that you put your company into chaos while waiting for the perfect candidate. Basically, you should settle for “qualified” rather than “perfect”.

If your technology candidate doesn’t have the exact sets of skills you require, you can hold training sessions to mold them into the perfect candidate. Training programs are an extremely valuable tool to drastically improve your current employees’ output and value. In addition to that, you can also hire the services of a professional technology recruitment firm so you don’t have to spend your organization’s internal resources on a lengthy recruitment process.


Do you want to overcome all of the aforementioned technology hiring hurdles simultaneously? Well, the best way to enhance the quality of your recruits and also circumvent the immense expenditure in terms of time and resources is to hire the services of a professional technology recruitment agency.

Professional technology recruitment agencies have specific experience in hiring and scouting for the perfect talent for your needs. Furthermore, since they specialize in recruitment, they can look out for warning signs that indicate if a candidate will be unsuitable for a particular position. Hiring the services of a technology recruitment agency is the best way to ensure that your candidates don’t fall through and that you don’t suffer from a high turnover rate. Furthermore, a good recruitment agency also has a thorough vetting and background check process that ensures that you don’t have to spend any time on screening the candidates yourself.

Technology hiring poses a lot of challenges and can be a massive drain on your company’s resources, but you can circumvent all of that with a strong technology recruitment agency by your side.

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